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Worries and Troubles

One day, Tsong and Tsang were discussing about their forthcoming married life…

Tsang: When we get married, I’d love to share all your worries and troubles as your wife.

Tsong: Wow, that’s so lovely of you honey. But right now, I don’t have any worries and troubles at all.

Tsang: Oh well, that’s because we are not married yet!




Ayaw na

Napapansin ni Mags na ayaw nang makipag sex sa kanya ng kanyang mister na si Migs. Ka humingi sya ng tulong sa kanyang bestfriend… Tsang:

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Ba’t ko pa aayusin

Isang umaga… Nanay: Anak, ayusin mo yang kama mo at ang gulo. Daig mo pa nakipag wrestling sa aswang kagabi. Anak: Hayaan mo na nay.

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Deeper, deeper!

Isang bading may ni-request sa kanyang boyfriend… Bading: Fafa, pa-finger mo nga ako sa pwet. Boyfriend: Eww! Pero sige. Hala tuwad! Bading: Sige pa, deeper…deeepeerrr!

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