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Who’s the Boss?

One day, all body parts held an emergency convention to decide on an important matter…

Heart: Each of us should explain why you should be in-charge of the body and be the boss among us. Then we shall cast our vote.

So, one by one, each body part explained and retorted each other…

Blood: Well, without me you’ll all gonna die. I feed oxygen to all of you, you know that?

Brain: I am the command center; I control each and everyone of your function. So, without me, you’ll all go bonkers.

Stomach: I don’t think so. Without me processing all the food to give energy to all of you, then you’ll all die-off and waste away. So, I should be the boss!

Hands: Nah! But how can the stomach process food without me preparing for it and putting it in the mouth.

Legs: But I carry the body where it needs to go – to feed, to exercise, defecate. So, it should be me.

Eyes: I give light and sight to the body. Without me, all of you have nowhere to go.

Finally, there is a long silence. Then the Rectum muster a confidence to speak-out…

Rectum: I see it. All of you are doing great stuff. I’m afraid I’m just a puny compared to all of you. But as for me, the body produces waste that needs to be removed immediately and I’m the one responsible for the removal of the waste. So, I guess you need to bestow me the post.

However, all the body parts laughed out loud to the top of their lungs. The embarrassed little hole curled in and shut down. It refused to release the waste produced by the body for more than a week.

No sooner, the Brain feels foggy. The Stomach cramped. The Legs began to shiver. The Hands keeps scratching the Butt. The Eyes began to blur and get cross-sighted. And the blood has been sluggish.

They decided on an emergency election, making the Rectum as the Boss.

Moral of the story, you don’t have to be the best qualified to be the boss, just be an Asshole!




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