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Walang sound at picture

May nagsauli ng DVD na nabili nya sa palengke.

Ang reklamo, wala daw picture saka sound.

Ang tanong, anong klaseng DVD ba daw at anong title?

Ang sagot – DVD Lens Cleaner.




X-Ray Vision Glasses

Pumunta si Janice sa isang high-tech eye glass store at bumili ng X-Ray Glasses. Janice: Talaga bang makikita kung hubad lahat ng tao pag sinuot

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LOL Philippines Jokes Header and Feature Image

Kung mainum ba

Si Goliat gikutasan ug laag. Unya, nangayo’g tubig sa silingan… Goliat: Day Mimi, mainum ning inyong tubig ngari? Mimi: Ah, naa ba gud diay tubig

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The Mailbox

One afternoon Marie came out of her house to check her mailbox. Found nothing, she went back into her house. After few minutes, she came

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