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The Metal Box

Three retired actresses and close friends, Angie, Lina, and Jollie found themselves lost on an island in the middle of the Pacific.

Hungry, they look for food around. All the three were away for a moment. Jollie, however, found a metal box. Curious about it, she opened the box and found an old bottle in it.

Jollie opened the bottle and suddenly a Genie came out from it. “I’ll grant each one of you a wish to come true!” said the Genie.

Jolie, being excited, told Angie and Lina about it. And they ask the Genie about their wishes.

“I want to be back at Hollywood as a young dashing actress,” said Angie.

“Spoof!” And her wish came true.

“I want to be with my lover again as a young irresistible woman,” wished Lina.

“Spoof!” Her wish came true as well.

Jollie’s time to make her wish. “You know what, I feel so lonely on this island — I wish Angie and Lina back!” Jollie told the Genie.





Ayaw na

Napapansin ni Mags na ayaw nang makipag sex sa kanya ng kanyang mister na si Migs. Ka humingi sya ng tulong sa kanyang bestfriend… Tsang:

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Deeper, deeper!

Isang bading may ni-request sa kanyang boyfriend… Bading: Fafa, pa-finger mo nga ako sa pwet. Boyfriend: Eww! Pero sige. Hala tuwad! Bading: Sige pa, deeper…deeepeerrr!

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