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The Mailbox

One afternoon Marie came out of her house to check her mailbox. Found nothing, she went back into her house.

After few minutes, she came out to check again. Still, nothing there.

She decided to take morning coffee. A little later, she checked the mailbox again.


She slammed the door of the mailbox and went back to her house. She decided to take her morning bath before checking it again.

There is nothing there!

Irate, she slammed the door of the mailbox as hard as she could.

Her neighbor noticed her and asked, “Hey, Marie something getting into your nerve?”

Marie answered, “that stupid computer of mine keeps telling me – You’ve Got Mail!”




Hugot Lines – Volume 1

“Bakit ba pati ako, binibigyan nyo ng malisya? Ano ba ang kasalanan ko?!” – Talong   “Hindi lahat ng malakas, superhero!” – Putok   “Paano tayo makakabuo

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Bagong bra

Marites: Hon, bili mo nga ako ng bagong bra. Laylay na yung mga luma ko eh. Mario: Wag na hon. Di na kailangan. Sa liit

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Son: Mom, I’m going to the moon someday!
Mom: Nah, son! NASA has already stopped sending monkeys to the moon!