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The Hotdog Slicer

Bert was working in a hotdog factory in Manila. Unknown to his fellow workers, Bert has untoward fantasy. “I want to stick my organ into that hotdog slicer.” He told himself.

Bert is so obsessed about his fantasy that he started talking about it with his drinking buddies.

“For peace of mind, just do it.” Said one of his buddies.

So Bert realized his fantasy the next day and stick his organ into the hotdog slicer.

Bert came home late that day. His wife so worried, asked what happened to him.

“Honey, my boss fired me from my job when he saw me sticking my organ into the hotdog slicer”, tearfully answered Bert.

“What?! Are you crazy!” Bert’s wife going hysterical while she slip down his zipper and saw Bert’s organ all intact.

Scratching her head, “I don’t understand. You’re all fine. What happened to the hotdog slicer?”

Bert replied, “Oh you mean her. She was fired too!”



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