What’s the Password?

Jake was in his house when he was called for an office errand. So, he left for the office with his desktop computer open. Meanwhile, his wife Janna has long been suspicious of Jake. So she went to his computer and opened his emails, but she can’t open it unless she enter the right password. […]

It’s a Bite Hit

A pet owner went inside a bar with his crocodile pet. He pose a challenge against those inside the bar. Pet Owner: I’ll jack-up open my pet’s mouth and put my penis inside it. Then after he opens his mouth again you buy me a beer if my wanker is still intact! The crowd approves […]

Nuts about Peanuts

Peter, a young office worker, was seated beside Paul an old office worker about to retire few months from now. Peter noticed Paul putting peanuts in a glass jar after every break time. After a couple of weeks, the jar is almost full of peanuts. So Peter decided to sneak into the peanuts while Paul […]

Order of the day

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A disgruntled guest entered into a restaurant and ordered… Guest: I’d like scrambled egg with egg white still slimy. With corn flakes so stale you can actually bend them. Waiter: (Surprised) Umm, you sure sir you want such order? Guest: Oh yeah! And please, I like grilled bacon all greased-up and toast that looks like […]

Worries and Troubles

One day, Tsong and Tsang were discussing about their forthcoming married life… Tsang: When we get married, I’d love to share all your worries and troubles as your wife. Tsong: Wow, that’s so lovely of you honey. But right now, I don’t have any worries and troubles at all. Tsang: Oh well, that’s because we […]

The Mailbox

One afternoon Marie came out of her house to check her mailbox. Found nothing, she went back into her house. After few minutes, she came out to check again. Still, nothing there. She decided to take morning coffee. A little later, she checked the mailbox again. Nothing! She slammed the door of the mailbox and […]

Heavenly Squirrels

One day Nicole Kidman, Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie, all past their prime, went on for a regular plastic surgery and beauty enhancement. Suddenly, the surgical clinic went on fire and all three of them died. On the way to the gates of heaven and hell, they met St. Peter “Oh, hey dashing ladies,” greeted […]

The Metal Box

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Three retired actresses and close friends, Angie, Lina, and Jollie found themselves lost on an island in the middle of the Pacific. Hungry, they look for food around. All the three were away for a moment. Jollie, however, found a metal box. Curious about it, she opened the box and found an old bottle in […]

Vegetable garden

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Monina is tending to her garden but no matter what she’d do to her tomatoes, it still won’t go ripe and still green. Her neighbor Lili however, offered a solution. “When the moon is full tonight, walk through your garden fully naked. The tomatoes will get embarrassed and they’ll turn red, ” Lili suggested. Monina […]

Swim test

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The board of directors of a mental hospital decided to release three mental patients. And the said patients were Tik, Tak and Tok. Their test is to jump on an empty swimming pool from a diving board and from their doctors will decide who’s well to be released. Tik jumped of the diving board and […]