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Swim test

The board of directors of a mental hospital decided to release three mental patients. And the said patients were Tik, Tak and Tok.

Their test is to jump on an empty swimming pool from a diving board and from their doctors will decide who’s well to be released.

Tik jumped of the diving board and hit the pool head first. He broke his neck.

Tak comes next, jumped and hit the pool. Broke his rib.

Then came Tok. But tok refused to jump and is shaking with fear while looking down the pool.

The doctors stand in ovation while clapping their hands. The doctors said, “Patient Tok is good to be released!”

Later they asked Tok why he refused to jump. Tok replied, “I don’t know how to swim!”




Pueding pang-business

Medyo tipsy na si Makoy sa isang Beer Garden kung saan lagi syan umiinom. Nilapitan sya ng isang nagpakilalang negosyate at inabutan sya ng calling

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