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Order of the day

A disgruntled guest entered into a restaurant and ordered…

Guest: I’d like scrambled egg with egg white still slimy. With corn flakes so stale you can actually bend them.

Waiter: (Surprised) Umm, you sure sir you want such order?

Guest: Oh yeah! And please, I like grilled bacon all greased-up and toast that looks like burnt brick, braised with rock-hard butter. And to wash it all up, I want a pale watery coffee!

Waiter: Yes sir. But it might be a little too impossible to come up with your menu.

Guest: What? How hard can it be when yesterday it’s the same menu you served me!


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LOL Philippines Jokes Header and Feature Image

Pasa Load

Juan: Tol, papasa nga ako ng P2 load, may i-text lang ako importante. Pedro send 2 peso load… Juan: [Received Message. Replied…] Thanks tol, narecieve

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Mga Kumanta ng Eternal Flame

Bulag: Close your eyes… Pilay: Give me your hands… Bingi: Do you hear my heart beating… Bobo: Do you understand… Manhid: Do you feel the

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Surf at Tide

Promoter: Misis, pag yung Tide at Surf ay ating pinaghalo, bubula ba? Misis: Aba, oo naman! Promoter: Mali! Misis: Bakit? Promoter: Kasi wala pang tubig.

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