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Nuts about Peanuts

Peter, a young office worker, was seated beside Paul an old office worker about to retire few months from now.

Peter noticed Paul putting peanuts in a glass jar after every break time. After a couple of weeks, the jar is almost full of peanuts. So Peter decided to sneak into the peanuts while Paul is away. Being nuts about peanuts, he decided to ate all the peanuts up and it tasted so forbiddingly delicious!

When Paul came back, Peter tried to explain, “Hey Paul, I’m really sorry,” apologized Peter, “I couldn’t help but eat all your peanuts. I’m a big fan of peanuts, you know!”

“Oh it’s ok Peter,” answered Paul, “you know, I have all my teeth fell away with age. So, I just let M&M’s melt in my mouth and let the peanuts sit in the jar!”



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The Hotdog Slicer

Bert was working in a hotdog factory in Manila. Unknown to his fellow workers, Bert has untoward fantasy. “I want to stick my organ into

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Sa Eroplano… Stewardess: Do you want a drink, sir? Sir: What are my choices Stewardess: Yes or No. SHARE RELATED POSTS

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Empleyado Blues

Pedro: Hayop ka! ginawa mo ko tauhan sa sakahan. Pero sahod ko hindi tumaas! Kung mamatay ako sinong magpapakain ng pamilya ko, ikaw?! Juan: Inglisin

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