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Mister and Misis Blues

Isang araw umuwi si Mister ng 4:00am at nakita niya si Misis na may katalik…

Misis: (Sumisigaw) Aba! Saan ka galing at ngayon ka lang!

Mister: (Nagulat) Ano!? Sino yang katabi mo?!

Misis: Ay naku, grabe ka. ‘Wag mong ibahin yung usapan!



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Mag buwag ta!

May-uyab nagkasulti-anay… Girl: Labs, unsa diay imong midol (middle) name? Boy: Unsay midol name ba?! Buloka pud nimo uy. Mag buwag ta! Ambi ang tanan

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Worries and Troubles

One day, Tsong and Tsang were discussing about their forthcoming married life… Tsang: When we get married, I’d love to share all your worries and

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The Metal Box

Three retired actresses and close friends, Angie, Lina, and Jollie found themselves lost on an island in the middle of the Pacific. Hungry, they look

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