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Mahal sumakay sa Taxi

Mahal sumakay sa taxi…

Mahal: Dlaybel alam mo ba ito adles na ito?

Driver: Anong address ba yan? Basahin mo nga…

Mahal: Sisik oten patay titi!

Driver: Maryusep! Tingnan ko nga…

Ahhh, 6610 Pasay City! 



Conyo Blind Date

Two Conyo DLSU Student making chika with each other: Kris: Hey Girl how was your blind date yesterday? Vanny: Yuck Talaga! He showed up with

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Heavenly Squirrels

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LOL Philippines Jokes Header and Feature Image

The Metal Box

Three retired actresses and close friends, Angie, Lina, and Jollie found themselves lost on an island in the middle of the Pacific. Hungry, they look

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