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It’s a Bite Hit

A pet owner went inside a bar with his crocodile pet. He pose a challenge against those inside the bar.

Pet Owner: I’ll jack-up open my pet’s mouth and put my penis inside it. Then after he opens his mouth again you buy me a beer if my wanker is still intact!

The crowd approves of his challenge.

So the owner slid his penis inside the reptiles mouth. And a minute later, he bangs his pet’s head with a beer bottle. To the crowds’ surprise, his penis is still intact.

He got his beer!

A little later, he challenged anyone in the crowd.

Pet Owner: I’ll pay $500 to those who want to try and make it.

The crowd murmurs. Then suddenly, a sexy beautiful woman stepped up.

Woman: I’ll sure give it a try. But promise me that you will not hit my head with a beer bottle.




Hard forever

A dirty perverted young man died and went paradise where he is welcomed by groups of gays… Gay Leader: Hey dude, welcome to paradise. Young

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Ayaw na

Napapansin ni Mags na ayaw nang makipag sex sa kanya ng kanyang mister na si Migs. Ka humingi sya ng tulong sa kanyang bestfriend… Tsang:

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Dirty old man jerking

A couple riding in a three-sitter bus… Wife: Hon, there’s an old man jerking beside me. Husband: Nah, honey. Just ignore him. You know, there

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Son: Mom, I’m going to the moon someday!
Mom: Nah, son! NASA has already stopped sending monkeys to the moon!