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How Young Am I?

A old and wrinkling actress visited Dra. Vicky Belo and spent a Million Peso for her beauty reconstruction.

Feeling good about herself after the procedures, she went and queue in a nearby Coffee Shop to refresh herself with coffee and donut. While it is her turn on the counter, she asked the sales clerk “How old am I do you think honey?” The clerk timidly replied, “I guess your 25 Mam.” O well, I’m 48 exactly honey.

After her coffee brake, she passed by a magazine stand to buy a copy. “You’re 26, don’t you?” exclaimed the seller. “So sweet of you darling, I’m 48 to be exact!” beams the flattered actress. So she gave the seller a 500 peso tip.

Then went to a beauty store to buy her vanities, “I’m guessing you’re just 25?” said the cashier. “Oh, really!” exclaimed the actress, “Oh no dear, I’m 48 by far.” So before she left, she told the cashier to keep the change.

Lastly, she went to a TV station to audition for a new show. Seated and waiting for her turn, she asked an old man seated next to her, “hey good old fellow, how young do you think I am?” The old man seated even closer to her, “Well, as you know I’m already old and I forgot how to tell exact a woman’s age as when I was younger. But here is one technique I use to tell you exactly your age by putting my hands inside your bra.”

The actress was shocked for a moment, but curious as a cat, she let the old man do it anyway. So, the old man puts his hands inside her bra. Then after all the caressing, and fumbling, pressing and squeezing the old man exclaimed, “Aha, your 48 Mam!”

Puzzled, the actress shouted, “How in the world did you ever know that!”

But before the old man can answer a PA to the director called out the old man, “Hey Manong Junny, have you bought the Coffee and the Donut for the director. He wants to relax while sipping coffee!”



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