Conyo Jokes (Part 2)

Yaya, can you make gamit na nga lang GPS to locate my prince charming…

Baka he is just stuck somewhere out there lang!

Ewww, yaya keep distance…

Don’t make dikit on my skin…

Because only Belo touches my skin! 

Duh, one thing I hate about Christmas is that malls go on sale…

Di tuloy ako makapag-shop.

The items are so cheap, kadiri!

Duh, yaya is not here…

I will make init the food from the fridge to the microwave na nga lang!

Pulubi: Mam, palimus po!

Conyo: Yaya, can you give this pulubi my iPhone nga!

Oh, no my new MacBook Air has gasgas on the sides na…

Daddy very urgent, please buy me new one now!

Yaya, ewww ka talaga. I don’t like the tissue you gave me…

Bring me the PHP1000 bill na lang. I like that kasi it’s so smooth!

Eww, yaya you don’t make tapak the ipis baka it will make wasak the insides…

It will make dumi the granite tiles we have!

Yaya is it raining outside?

Can you get the red carpet for me…

I don’t want my shoes to get wet eh!

Yaya I want to make tambay outside, but it’s too dilim na…

Can you tell daddy to buy the sun for me nga!

Ate, it’s too dark in my room na, I can’t see anything…

Can you tell yaya to buy new pair of eyes for me na nga!

Inday our planet is getting destroyed na…

Can you tell dad to buy new planet mo me please!

Yaya do you know ba that it’s the end of the world na…

Can you die for me na lang please!



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