Conyo Jokes (Part 1)

Conyo to a jeepney driver…

Driver please stop the break. Here’s the bayad. Do you accept all major credit cards ba?

Hi hi hi. So cute talaga is your boyfriend. Daddy, can you make buy her boyfriend for me na nga! 

Yak! I’m so fat na talaga. Yaya, can you make sipsip my taba na nga!

Dad, I’m so like confused talaga what to buy. Can you like buy SM Megamall na lang for me.
Yaya, can you make hiwalay 3-in-1 coffe for me. I don’t like sugar kasi.
Yaya, you are making me angry. I will tell Asyong to bang bang you na!
We’re like so close kaya.
Yaya, I’m so tired of chewing this gum na talaga. Can you make nguya this for me na nga. 

Oh my gosh! I guess we are getting poorer na talaga.

Yesterday, I got 30 kidnap threats.

But now, 10 na lang!

Ewww, ipis!

Yaya, bring me my iPad Pro. I will make hampas this ipis.

Oh, nevermind, here is my DSLR na lang!

Oh my gosh!

Yaya, is that pimple on my face!

You tell mommy to buy me new face na nga.

Aww, yaya it’s so cold right here. Can you make sunog the other yaya na nga!

Yaya, don’t you know it’s the end of the world na. Can you die for me na nga.




Conyo Blind Date

Tarsan: Hey Jane, kailang mo ba ako sasagutin? Jane: Sasagutin lang kita kung may mga sasakyan ka na. Tarsan: Eh anong klaseng mga sasakyan ba

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Son: Mom, I’m going to the moon someday!
Mom: Nah, son! NASA has already stopped sending monkeys to the moon!