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Conyo Blind Date

Two Conyo DLSU Student making chika with each other:

Kris: Hey Girl how was your blind date yesterday?

Vanny: Yuck Talaga! He showed up with his 1940 model of Mercedez Benz!

Kris: Huh! Why naman? It’s kind of expensive car pa kaya. Imagine, he still can afford it.

Vanny: Hello! Puede ba Kris, he was the original owner kaya!




Conyo Jokes (Part 2)

Yaya, can you make gamit na nga lang GPS to locate my prince charming… Baka he is just stuck somewhere out there lang! Ewww, yaya

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Conyo Jokes (Part 1)

Conyo to a jeepney driver… Driver please stop the break. Here’s the bayad. Do you accept all major credit cards ba? Hi hi hi. So

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