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Choose Your Colors

Angie and Brad where American couple taking vacation in Boracay. “Oh my bad, I forgot to pack some condoms with me,” exclaimed Angie to Brad while unpacking that evening. So, Brad went out and scamper the whole area for a condom.

Meanwhile, Angie called for a room service to give her some towels. While waiting for her husband and the room service, she decided to turn off the lights and took some rest lying down in bed.

Brad finally found condoms in a nearby store. Condom variants has 3 color variations: Brown, low-quality at 30 Pesos. Pink, mid-quality at 50 Pesos. Blue, high-quality at 100 Pesos. Brad, got 30 pesos on his pocket, so he opted for brown low-quality condom.

At the room, the room service boy enters the darkened room. Since Angie didn’t notice him, he pulled him in bed and make love with him. The boy happily obliged with Angie. After that, Angie gets so exhausted and she fell asleep. Meanwhile Brad went back grabs her wife and pounded her. Angie screams in delight, “wow you really are in heat!”

Nine months came, and Angie gave birth to a brown-skinned boy. Angie exclaimed, “why on earth did we have a brown-skinned son!” Both are confused. Brad, thinks for a while and retorted, “well, honey at least he’s got a brown skin. If it so happened that I have 100 Pesos back then, he would have been blue-skinned!”




Ayaw na

Napapansin ni Mags na ayaw nang makipag sex sa kanya ng kanyang mister na si Migs. Ka humingi sya ng tulong sa kanyang bestfriend… Tsang:

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Deeper, deeper!

Isang bading may ni-request sa kanyang boyfriend… Bading: Fafa, pa-finger mo nga ako sa pwet. Boyfriend: Eww! Pero sige. Hala tuwad! Bading: Sige pa, deeper…deeepeerrr!

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Son: Mom, I’m going to the moon someday!
Mom: Nah, son! NASA has already stopped sending monkeys to the moon!