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May good news,– Walang bad news! Tahanang walang hagdan,– Inakyat! Isang bakla ginahasa,– Tuwang-tuwa! Pandak na madre,– Napagkamalng penguin! Bulag, nakapatay,– Nandilim daw ang panignin! Tindira ng suka,– Tinoyo! Teacher, nagkamali,– Tinuruan ng leksyon! Basurero, nagsampa ng kaso,– Binasura! Tuberong manyakis,– Nagkatulo! Misis ng photographer,– Nakunan! Matsing na nagbabasa ng jokes,– Tuwang-tuwa! SHARE RELATED POSTS

Top 15 Quick Jokes – Volume 1


Why don’t scientists trust atoms?– Because they make up everything. Why did the tomato turn red?– Because it saw the salad dressing. What did the grape say when it got stepped on?– Nothing, it just let out a little wine. Why did the scarecrow win an award?– Because he was outstanding in his field. Why […]

Pueding pang-business


Medyo tipsy na si Makoy sa isang Beer Garden kung saan lagi syan umiinom. Nilapitan sya ng isang nagpakilalang negosyate at inabutan sya ng calling card… Makoy: Aba, eh plastic toy manufacturer pala kayo Negosyante: Oo, at profitable ang business ko na yan. Napansin ng negosyante ang dalawang malilit na bolang nilalaro ni Makoy… Negosyante: […]

Who’s the Boss?


One day, all body parts held an emergency convention to decide on an important matter… Heart: Each of us should explain why you should be in-charge of the body and be the boss among us. Then we shall cast our vote. So, one by one, each body part explained and retorted each other… Blood: Well, […]

Pulis at Kamote Rider


Rider nahuli ng pulis na nag illegal parking… Pulis: Boy, bawal parking dyan. Di mo ba nakita yung signage. Rider: Nakita ko na ho yan. Pulis: Yun naman pala eh. Rider: Kayo ho ang di ko nakita eh! SHARE RELATED POSTS

A Genie for a Beer


Ben and Dan were happily fishing in a big lake. It’s been hours but both of them haven’t have any catch. Until Ben decided to pull his line. To his surprise, a rusty old lamp was reeled by his hook. To his dismay he took off the lamp and rub it clean a bit. Behold, […]

Order of the day

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A disgruntled guest entered into a restaurant and ordered… Guest: I’d like scrambled egg with egg white still slimy. With corn flakes so stale you can actually bend them. Waiter: (Surprised) Umm, you sure sir you want such order? Guest: Oh yeah! And please, I like grilled bacon all greased-up and toast that looks like […]

Pasa Load

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Juan: Tol, papasa nga ako ng P2 load, may i-text lang ako importante. Pedro send 2 peso load… Juan: [Received Message. Replied…] Thanks tol, narecieve ko na! Pedro: [Texted back…] Bugok! Wag ka mag-reply sayang load mo. Juan: [Replied…] Ah ok. Sige. Thanks! SHARE RELATED POSTS

Mga Kumanta ng Eternal Flame

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Bulag: Close your eyes… Pilay: Give me your hands… Bingi: Do you hear my heart beating… Bobo: Do you understand… Manhid: Do you feel the same… Tulog: Am I only dreaming… Bumbero: Is this burning, an eternal flame… Pipi: Say my name… Baliw: Sunshine through the rain… Bigo: My life so lonely… Doktor: They’ll come […]

Surf at Tide

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Promoter: Misis, pag yung Tide at Surf ay ating pinaghalo, bubula ba? Misis: Aba, oo naman! Promoter: Mali! Misis: Bakit? Promoter: Kasi wala pang tubig. Excited ka!? SHARE RELATED POSTS

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Son: Mom, I’m going to the moon someday!
Mom: Nah, son! NASA has already stopped sending monkeys to the moon!