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Be strong

An ex-convict escaped the penitentiary, rob a house and tied the couple. He kissed the wife then whisper in her ears and then proceeded to the bathroom…

Husband: Make him happy or else he will kill us! Be strong, I love you!

Wife: Don’t worry he told me he is a gay and asked me where is the Petroleum Jelly. I told him it was in the bathroom.

Be strong, I love you too!




Ayaw na

Napapansin ni Mags na ayaw nang makipag sex sa kanya ng kanyang mister na si Migs. Ka humingi sya ng tulong sa kanyang bestfriend… Tsang:

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Deeper, deeper!

Isang bading may ni-request sa kanyang boyfriend… Bading: Fafa, pa-finger mo nga ako sa pwet. Boyfriend: Eww! Pero sige. Hala tuwad! Bading: Sige pa, deeper…deeepeerrr!

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When you sleep at 4am, is it going too bed to early or too late?


Son: Mom, I’m going to the moon someday!
Mom: Nah, son! NASA has already stopped sending monkeys to the moon!