What’s the Password?

Jake was in his house when he was called for an office errand. So, he left for the office with his desktop computer open. Meanwhile, his wife Janna has long been suspicious of Jake. So she went to his computer and opened his emails, but she can’t open it unless she enter the right password. […]

How Young Am I?

A old and wrinkling actress visited Dra. Vicky Belo and spent a Million Peso for her beauty reconstruction. Feeling good about herself after the procedures, she went and queue in a nearby Coffee Shop to refresh herself with coffee and donut. While it is her turn on the counter, she asked the sales clerk “How […]

X-Ray Vision Glasses

Pumunta si Janice sa isang high-tech eye glass store at bumili ng X-Ray Glasses. Janice: Talaga bang makikita kung hubad lahat ng tao pag sinuot ko ito. Saleslady: Garantisado pa yan mam. Wala pa po kaming return nyan. Nang pauwi na si Janice, sinuot nya ang X-Ray Gasses. Janice: Aba! Nakahubad nga lahat ng mga […]

It’s a Bite Hit

A pet owner went inside a bar with his crocodile pet. He pose a challenge against those inside the bar. Pet Owner: I’ll jack-up open my pet’s mouth and put my penis inside it. Then after he opens his mouth again you buy me a beer if my wanker is still intact! The crowd approves […]

Ring the Bell

Si Macky ay isa sa mga seminaristang magpapari na matapus ang higit 12 taon sa loob ng seminaryo. Pero may pagdadanaan pa silang isang natatangin pagsubok. Rector: Kailangan nyong mapagadaanan ang kahuli-hulihang pagsubok bago kayo tuluyang maging pari. At ang pagsubok ay tatalian kayo ng maliliit na bell sa inyong mga itits, at pag ito […]

Conyo Blind Date

Two Conyo DLSU Student making chika with each other: Kris: Hey Girl how was your blind date yesterday? Vanny: Yuck Talaga! He showed up with his 1940 model of Mercedez Benz! Kris: Huh! Why naman? It’s kind of expensive car pa kaya. Imagine, he still can afford it. Vanny: Hello! Puede ba Kris, he was […]

Mag buwag ta!

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May-uyab nagkasulti-anay… Girl: Labs, unsa diay imong midol (middle) name? Boy: Unsay midol name ba?! Buloka pud nimo uy. Mag buwag ta! Ambi ang tanan nakong gamit apil ang akong wilding ring! Girl: Unsha? Wilding ring? Utro pud kang bulok. Magbuwag ta!   SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on […]

Puedi na ba mag Bra

Anak sigi’g hangyo sa amahan kung puede na ba kuno sya mag sul-ob ug bra… Anak: Dad, puede na ko mag bra. After all, I’m 18 na baya. Dad: Naunsa ka?! Dili puede, maduklan ta baya ka ron. Anak: But daaad, all my friends are wearing bra na! Dad: Hoy pag puyo diha, bayuta ka! […]

Kung mainum ba

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Si Goliat gikutasan ug laag. Unya, nangayo’g tubig sa silingan… Goliat: Day Mimi, mainum ning inyong tubig ngari? Mimi: Ah, naa ba gud diay tubig nga makaon. Goliat: Dili ba, tingalig hugaw ni inyong tubig. Mimi: Hugaw? Aw, hugasi! SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on whatsapp RELATED POSTS COMMENTS

Nuts about Peanuts

Peter, a young office worker, was seated beside Paul an old office worker about to retire few months from now. Peter noticed Paul putting peanuts in a glass jar after every break time. After a couple of weeks, the jar is almost full of peanuts. So Peter decided to sneak into the peanuts while Paul […]