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A Genie for a Beer

Ben and Dan were happily fishing in a big lake. It’s been hours but both of them haven’t have any catch. Until Ben decided to pull his line.

To his surprise, a rusty old lamp was reeled by his hook. To his dismay he took off the lamp and rub it clean a bit. Behold, a genie puffed-out of the lamp.

Genie: One wish boy, one wish!

Ben: Alright. turn the entire lake into beer.

Genie: Your wish is my command!

The entire lake turned into beer.

Dan: You idiot! Now, where do we pee?

Ben: In the boat. Ha ha ha!



LOL Philippines Jokes Header and Feature Image

Order of the day

A disgruntled guest entered into a restaurant and ordered… Guest: I’d like scrambled egg with egg white still slimy. With corn flakes so stale you

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LOL Philippines Jokes Header and Feature Image

Pasa Load

Juan: Tol, papasa nga ako ng P2 load, may i-text lang ako importante. Pedro send 2 peso load… Juan: [Received Message. Replied…] Thanks tol, narecieve

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